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Your Assemblymember, Harry Bronson

Harry Bronson was elected to the New York State Assembly in November 2010.  The district includes parts of the City of Rochester and the towns of Chili and Henrietta. Harry’s passion for social justice, equality and fairness has defined his public service, legal and business careers.  Prior to being elected to the State Assembly, he represented Brighton, Henrietta and Rochester in the Monroe County Legislature holding leadership positions during his entire tenure. 

Having grown up on a farm in a family of 12 children, Harry’s parents taught him the importance of family, community service and hard work.  With those early lessons, Harry has worked tirelessly to ensure that our children get the education they deserve, our seniors have access to the health care they need, families feel safe and secure in their homes, and that hard working women and men find good-paying jobs to make ends meet. 


After earning an undergraduate degree in Public Justice from SUNY Oswego, Harry attended the University of Buffalo, earning a Juris Doctor.  Formerly a partner at the firm of Blitman and King, he focused on anti-discrimination employment law, labor issues, employee benefits and litigation.  Because of this work, he has lectured throughout the state on employment law and public justice issues.

Harry has always considered the opportunity to hold public office as a privilege granted by the families of our community, and those who are given this privilege have a responsibility to maintain the highest level of ethical standards.  Each policy decision he makes is upon the foundation of this public trust to which you have granted him.


Harry recognizes public trust has been damaged by those elected officials who don’t share the same ethical values expected by constituents.  By requiring greater disclosure, transparency and accountability Harry and his Assembly colleagues have taken important steps toward restoring the damage caused by the breaches of some.  In addition, the Assembly majority has installed new rules changes that will keep the Assembly an institution for which New Yorkers can be proud.


Harry believes that strong leadership and an ability to work with others are essential to making our community vibrant and our families financially stable.  Five years ago, Harry was elected to reform the way Albany does business, to hold the line on unnecessary spending and get our economy moving forward.  Over the past several years, he has worked to make Monroe County more business friendly, protecting tax payers by cutting income taxes, while also investing in our educational system and our children and bringing new businesses to our region. 


This year, Harry was appointed to the Assembly Anti-Poverty Work Group to help identify ways to address poverty and help families in need.  He continues to fight for families right here in our neighborhood who need our help; and that is why he fought to pass this year’s budget proposal to include anti-poverty task force initiatives.  The plan he supported would require the task forces to identify major poverty factors and implement programs to address them through collaboration with local governments, nonprofits and business groups to find permanent solutions for preventing and alleviating poverty.


Harry knows that quality child care allows working parents to support their families with the peace of mind that their children are not only in a safe environment, but are growing and learning.  Child care and after-school programs allow children to benefit from positive experiences outside of the classroom.  For many working families, quality child care is often out of reach due to cost and availability.  Harry has a longstanding commitment to helping New York families have access to quality, affordable child care. 


As Chair of the Assembly Commission on Skills Development and Career Education, Harry is working on ways to help individuals get the training and skills necessary to seize upon job opportunities.  He is currently sponsoring the joint Assembly and Senate proposal to create the Empire State Apprenticeship Program (ESAP). The ESAP program provides tax incentives to employers for hiring apprentices who earn a paycheck while being trained and given the job skills needed to launch a new career.  It also establishes grants for small businesses and not-for-profits to encourage the creation of new apprenticeship programs.  ESAP is based on successful programs utilized in other states.  It uniquely adds a mentoring component to help apprentices to overcome barriers to successful employment.


Harry also supported increasing the minimum wage and providing 12 weeks of paid family leave.  These initiatives will go a long way toward ensuring hardworking New Yorkers can provide more for their families and meet the rising cost of living. 


Harry recognizes there is still more to be done to strengthen our community and ensure that all individuals are granted equality of opportunity to earn a fair wage at a promising career that will enable them to achieve the financial stability our middle class standard of living should provide.  He is ready to tackle the issues that matter to the people he represents, including fighting for the state to live up to its commitment to educate our children, expand job opportunities, and ensure that our hardworking families are not overburdened with unnecessary taxes, while protecting those who are least able to protect themselves.