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Dear Dedicated Supporter,

Thank you!  It has been my honor to serve you and all who reside in the 138th Assembly district.  Your past support means a great deal to me, and I ask for your support again at our upcoming designating committee meeting.
Strong leadership and an ability to work with others are essential to making our community vibrant and our families solid. I will continue my work to ensure that our children get the education they deserve, our seniors have access to the health care they need, families feel safe and secure in their homes and that hard-working women and men find good-paying jobs to make ends meet.    

And for the families who fall on tough times, a strong safety net while they work to get back on their feet must be available. In the richest country in the world, no one should be left without the basics: food, clothing and shelter. Experiences from my childhood taught me to stand by the most vulnerable members of our society, because everyone deserves a helping hand during their time of need.

As many of you know, I have a strong passion for racial, social and economic justice. This passion has led to an appointment to the Assembly Anti-Poverty Work Group to identify ways to address poverty and help families in need.  The objective is to identify major poverty factors and implement programs to address them through collaboration with local governments, nonprofits and business groups to find permanent solutions for preventing and alleviating poverty.

Quality child care allows working parents to support their families with the peace of mind that their children are not only in a safe environment but are growing and learning.  Child care and after-school programs allow children to benefit from positive experiences outside of the classroom. I have a longstanding commitment to helping New York families’ access quality, affordable child care.  

By creating better job opportunities and helping those in poverty find self-sustaining and stable employment, we can get more people on the path to economic success and self-sufficiency.  As Chair of the Commission on Skills Development and Career Education I am working on ways to help individuals get the training and skills necessary to seize upon job opportunities.  

But there is still more to be done.  I am ready to tackle the issues that matter the most to you, including fighting for the state to live up to its commitment to educate our children, expand job opportunities, and ensure that our hardworking families are not overburdened with unnecessary taxes, while protecting those who are least able to protect themselves.  




Harry B. Bronson
Member of Assembly